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Registration Deadlines

Registration and Selection:

Registration starts on the 29th of September 2024!

First, you have to click on "Register Now" or "Sign Up Now". You will be redirected to a page where you log in with your SCOPE account and where you can buy your ticket for the MBDs 2024. If you are a SCOPE member, you can log in or request a new password. If you are not a SCOPE member but have an account, you can also log in or request a new password. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one by clicking "Membership: Register Non-Member " on the SCOPE website to create a free account. Or else become a member by creating an "Exchange, Lifetime, One-year, or Pre-masters" account. You will find the website linked in the top right corner. 

It might take a few days for the payment to proceed. You will get a confirmation email within the next working days. Only after your confirmation email, you will receive your ticket and then you can set your preferences.

Make sure to fill out your SCOPE account completely and upload a CV. Without doing so, your registration might be withdrawn. 

After purchasing your ticket, you can click on "My Account" and "My event" to get to your personal MBDs 2024 space. Here you can adjust your preferences. Make sure to put in as many activities as possible because companies can choose you only for the activities you put in your preferences. For example, if you only put in one workshop and you are not selected, you might not get any activity.

Make sure to set your preferences until the 29st of September 2024, 23:59. Companies will see who signed up for their activities and rank the students based on their CVs. Afterward, an algorithm will find the best possible combination of student and company preferences. The algorithm knows when activities take place and finds the best solution for you for a specific time slot. So you can prioritise as many activities as you want even if they are at the same time. You will be allocated only one. 


29st of September 2024 until 23.59: Deadline for student preference selection

Until 11th of October 2024: Preliminary student schedule will be sent out

Until the 18th of October 2024 18.00hrs: Cancellation

By the end of the last week of October 2024: The final schedule will be sent out


After receiving your schedule, you have time to cancel your entire ticket or single activity. If you like to cancel your whole ticket before receiving the final schedule, you will receive a refund after the event. To do so, send an E-mail stating what you want to cancel to Not canceling within the given timeframe, will lead to the blacklisting policy applying.