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Activities we offer


Student Chats

Get to know each other in a personal atmosphere!

The individual interviews with the students last 20 minutes and are tailored according to you and the company's interests. The companies select the students based on their CVs. If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the company and get in touch with the recruiters in a personal atmosphere. You can ask all the questions you´ve always wanted to ask and use the chance to find out more about an internship or a full-time job.



Show your skills!

During the workshops, you will work on specific topics with different companies. You will be actively involved and develop creative solutions together with around 20 other workshop participants. The students will be selected by the companies based on their CVs.


Company Presentations

Meet new companies!

During company presentations, you get to know the hosting company even better. Companies introduce their structures and give a general overview in a 45-minute session. There will also be space for your questions!


Company Fair

Meet various companies and people!

At the company fair, companies can present themselves at a stand. Just have a look around the fair, which takes place in the afternoon, and get to know the firms even better in an informal way.


Evening Activities

Enjoy an evening together!

Some companies offer evening activities which can include recruitment dinners or drinks and workshops. Companies can select students in advance and will get to know them even better during fun and informal activities such as an Escape Room, Cocktail Workshop or Beer Tasting. All evening activities will take place at selected locations in Maastricht.


Evening Drinks

Evening Drinks at the Kasteel Vaeshartelt itself!

Wrap up your day at the Maastricht Business Days and grab a free drink with your friends and the companies’ recruiters without leaving the location. It’s the best way to finish the day.


CV Pictures

Get your professional CV picture!

During the Maastricht Business Days, you will get the chance to get a professional business portrait taken by Lux Branding. Lux Branding Agency is a talented photographer with many years of experience. A high-quality CV picture is great and important to present yourself to companies.


CV Check

Get your CV checked!

Your CV is highly important for your future career as it is the first impression that companies have of you. Therefore, it should showcase all your strengths & experiences. Level up your CV, and do not miss out on the opportunity to get your CV professionally checked by experts at the Maastricht Business Days.